Service at the highest level!

Worldcup athletes, Service teams and trainers from different countries return again and again to our shop, to get thier equipment serviced for racing.

With one of the most modern service centres world wide our experienced staff takes care of racing issues providing some of the fastest base structures in the world.

SKI-LENZ guarantees service at the highest level!

Precise edge angles, level grinded base, perfect structure, finely tuned racing finish and the perfectly trained eyes of our staff are our keys to success. A racing service á la SKI-LENZ means:

  • Base repairs
  • Base grinding
  • Structural grinding        
  • Base waxing
  • Precise bevelling of edges
  • Race quality tuning

We guarantee best service, and gliding qualities for your satisfaction

Our expert team have been tuning skis for the elite worldcup athletes for many years, you too can take advantage of our expertise. Bring us your skis and you will notice the difference on the very first descent. There is a good reason why ski racers like Daron Rahlves and also the Austrian elite visit us regularly.

Take advantage now!